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Special Media

This refers to media that is either unique or has special uses. This can cover media for fabrics, magnetics, PVC and film positive media. 

There are 100s of combinations available but here are some popular selections. If you don't see what you need listed here, please call us 1-800-232-8018 as there are too many to list here.

leftcrnr Media  
Edge ReadyGerber Holographix - For attention-getting movement that makes your graphics come alive, use holographic film. Three holographic patterns are available. Decorative effects can be created with transparent foils, laminates, and doming.
Colors: Mosaic, Silver Sheen, Kaleidoscope
Thickness: 3.6 mil.
Edge ReadyGerber Shelf and Tag - 10 mil. semi-rigid, semi-gloss PVC for non-adhesive products such as door hangers, menu boards, and for slide-in/snap-in card and tag applications..
Colors: White
Thickness: 10 mil.
PVC-X - PVC-X is a bright white 10 mil rigid PVC. It is high gloss and printable on both sides.

Colors: White Gloss/White Gloss
Thickness: 10 mil.
Edge ReadyGerber AutoMag II - When you need more sticking power than GerberMag for refrigerator magnets, use Gerber AutoMag. Specially made for the Gerber System.
Colors: White Magnetic
Thickness: 24 mil.
Edge ReadyGerberMag II - Refrigerator magnets, business cards, and movable warehouse rack labels are a just a few uses for GerberMag II. For stronger magnetic hold, try AutoMag II.
Colors: White
Thickness: 19 mil. 
Edge ReadyGerberGlow - This "Edge Ready" film is a novelty grade "glow-in-the-dark" film. A charge of 1 hr. will result in a bright glow for over 30 minutes. For shorter charges and longer glow, see Gerber "Luminous" film.
Colors: Luminous Green
Thickness: 2.5 mil.
Edge ReadyGerber Luminous Film - This is a rechargeable long-glow film with an outdoor life of up to 1 year when vertically exposed. Meets ASTM standards.
: Luminous Green
Thickness: 13 mil.
Edge ReadyGerber Static Cling - Ideal for temporary decorative or instructional decals on glass products such as mirrors or monitors. Intended for interior applications.

Colors: White & Clear
Thickness: 7.5 mil.
Edge ReadyEdge Positive - This gloss film is a clear 7 mil. thick polyester for making "film positives" for screen printing. Specially formulated to work with Spot Black and Jet Black GerberColor foils for optimum opacity when burning images into screens.
Colors: Clear
Thickness: 7 mil.