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Gerber Edge FX Printer

Short Run Label Printing, On Demand

The Gerber Edge FX digital printing system is an easy-to-use solution for producing short runs of adhesive backed labels, decals, product markings, prototypes, signs, etc.

The Edge FX is a thermal printer that produces no fumes, needs no clean-up, and uses no messy inks.

This is the machine that screen printers and other graphic professionals use when they need to produce small quantities of labels or graphic markings quickly.

The Edge FX uses heat and pressure to infuse long lasting color into durable materials. It prints on many different materials such as vinyl, polyester, and Lexan.

Gerber Edge FXHow many colors? How about 80 base, from which you can make over 8,000 colors, including most "PMS" colors (Pantone Matching System).

Not only can you match existing colors, but you can print truly opaque white, chrome, metallic, and transparent.


Markings printed with the Gerber Edge FXThe Gerber Edge FX can be integrated with a digital die cutter via Gerber's Omega software.

This means you can print your markings, then take the printed roll, load it in the cutter, line up one registration mark at the beginning of the job, and die cut each label automatically.

If you have to make a control panel or keyboard overlay, the digital die cutter will cut all the holes for switches and buttons out of the material.

There are many videos on this site which will show you just how easily things are made.

We also provide expert instruction, from beginner to advanced, on whatever you want to produce.

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