The Room

A Case Study

Imagine if you will... a windowless room. This room is filled with the history of the company, but it is not what you might think.

There is an employee tasked with managing the room but she is not the company historian. The room is filled with labels.

Seventy five percent of the labels in the room are obsolete.

Why? Because the company had to buy the “minimum run” of labels. The markings cost a lot of money to make with all of the set up and die cut charges. So even though they will probably never use the overruns, they represent an investment that they want to hold on to... just in case.

You see the company is an OEM of deep fryers and other fast food kitchen equipment.

We can’t dull their competitive edge by telling you their name, but if you are in the business of supplying machines that deal with food, you know who they are.

Any time one of their engineers made a change to the equipment, the previous markings became obsolete.

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Security & Barcode labels

Print security and bar code labels In-House

Security Label

You can produce your own security labels with variable information and consecutive numbers. Use bar code fonts, invisible ink, or non-reproducible holographic media, chrome or metallic colors. This sample is printed on clear with green and chrome silver foil, laminated with white vinyl and printed on the back side too.

To produce security labels, choose any package. If you plan to laminate, choose at least
the "Good" package. If you plan on using thick laminates such as Tuff Cover, choose at least the "Better" package with the enVision cutter.