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Edge FX Features


Edge FXThe front panel user interface is easy to use, enabling virtually anyone to quickly learn and operate the Edge FX.

The display guides the user through the printing process to ensure error-free output. The Edge FX features a network-friendly Ethernet connection to maximize data throughput and versatility.

The Edge FX is designed to interface with either a direct connection to the computer or with a network connection through a network hub or switch. Jobs can be sent using Gerber’s Omega design and production software or third party software packages.

Parking StickerThe Edge FX is one component in Gerber’s Matched Technology System, a complete print-to-cut solution.

With the addition of a Gerber sprocketed plotter, you now have a completely integrated system that registers the cut pattern to the print exceptionally well.

After printing, the operator simply loads the material into the cutting plotter, registers one mark using the tool provided, and presses "go" to contour cut with speed and accuracy.

LaminationIf you want to laminate before you cut, no problem: we offer a wide range of laminates for a variety of applications, and Gerber plotters do a great job cutting through the combination of material plus laminate.

Due to the separate but integrated printer and cutter, system this print-to-cut workflow speeds production and prevents bottlenecks.

GerberColor Foils provide an exceptional color range.

Although the FX is a single-color-at-a-time printing solution, there is a hugh selection of colors to choose from.

Gerber Ribbons & FoilsMost label applications only require one or two colors, so the FX is a perfect fit.

The Edge FX employs an advanced color foil system that utilizes over 80 base colors from which to choose.

With that many base colors to start with, the user can mix colors to match virtually any color.

The Omega design program allows the user to type in industry standard Pantone® colors, which will in turn tell the user what colors are needed to match that specific Pantone color.

The terms "foil" and "ribbon" can be used interchangeably. To find out more about how thermal printing works click here...

Loading a ColorOperators can rapidly insert and remove the foil assembly without lifting the cover via a slide-in door on the side of the unit.

The GerberColor FX foil cartridge assembly consists of a re-useable Edge FX foil caddy and removable foil insert. Foil refills are easily inserted into the caddies.

The Edge FX and GerberColor foil system features intelligent RFID (radio frequency identification) technology to accelerate production and help prevent costly errors. An RFID tag is included with each foil insert and contains color and foil ID information.

An RFID reader/writer device is integrated into the printer, which acts as a Smart GerberGauge™ by continually updating the tag with the foil length remaining on the roll.

Push the ButtonDuring jobs, the Edge FX compares the foil ID and actual roll length to the job requirements and notifies the operator of any discrepancies.

If the incorrect foil is loaded, the Edge FX allows the user to replace the foil or make an on-the-fly substitution so jobs quickly continue to print with an alternate foil.

In the Continuous Print Mode, the Edge FX recognizes the foil present and begins printing immediately upon insertion, providing rapid production with minimal operator intervention.

True spot color printing

Save time and generate better quality graphics with dedicated spot colors

SpectraTone™ Color Matching

Lets you create over 3700 pure,
vibrant colors

Advanced Foil System

Smart GerberGauge™ RFID technology tracks exact foil usage

Process and specialty colors

In addition to spot colors, Gerber process, metal and fluorescent foils allow you to create full color images

Durable output

3 to 5 years outdoors without lamination

Continuous length printing

Can handle long runs of material
(up to 50 yds) without loss of accuracy

Patented punch pattern

Provides superior accuracy which reduces material shifting, cut time and waste due to cut errors. Enables ultra long unattended runs

Easy material loading

Load material onto the sprocket wheels for quick, accurate and unattended material feed

EDGE Ready™ materials

Fully compatible with Gerber OMEGA™ design software and a wide range of permanent, removable, semi-rigid substrates

Easy maintenance

Gerber Edge resin-based foils create no mess
and are ready to go immediately.

Small foot print

The Edge FX print-to-cut system requires limited space allowing you to get started quickly and inexpensively.

Intuitive user interface

Easy for your staff to learn and operate