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Gerber Omega 6.5


  • Easier job estimating and business tracking metrics with Gerber Vinyl and GerberColor™ Foil material costing.
  • Easily merge PLT file metadata with PLT file graphics to create customer presentations. 
  • Save time with improved design organization with groups-of-groups.
  • Increase creativity in less time with enhanced viewing features while in Composer dialog boxes.
  • Improved import and export features.
  • Better control of shadow and outline functions.
  • Easier usage of output settings for backcut decals.
  • Enhanced viewing of clipping paths while in wireframe view mode.

Features of previous versions

Font Matching  
Fill vectors with images  
Contextual viewing of Composer design features with "apply" button  
Easier raster to vector and decal cut  
ALT key on-screen constraints  
GERBER EDGE Font Pack, Gerber Highway Font Pack and Gerber Library
Clipart Pack now included

Larger image export up to 32,000 pixels  
Add logos to QR barcodes  
Plot Overcut for thick or hard materials  
Find text string, find Gerber text, find duplicate shapes  
Spiral tool, arrow tool
Control Composer toolbar location and display  
PLT file data extraction and additional file description fields
Faster selection with large files  
DXF color mapping to layers  
Pantone® Palette Updates to PANTONE+ V3  
ART Path M-Series Crease Matrix Tool  
 Composer shape nesting
 Improved raster-to-vector conversions
 Composer on-screen gradient and solid fills
 Faster drawing and selection
 Improved DWG, DXF and PDF import
 Composer distorted gradient fills
 New highway fonts for light text on dark backgrounds

 Barcode generation improvements
 Autotext data-merge improvements
 Optical character recognition

 ART Path Automatic rules processing by layer

 Automatic Guidelines

 GSPPlot perforation cut

 Automatic print/cut alignment between EDGE and enVision 375

 Automatic archiving of GSPPlot output

 Improved SPLView preflight capabilities

 Streamlined "Export to Hot Folder" simplifies export settings and folder location

 Foil Adjust integration with SPLView and ability to choose SPL file output colors

 Automatic software updates

ART Path automatic nesting
Vinyl cutter automatic smart start
Faster GSPPlot rendering of repeats and variable data
created in Composer
Automatic halftone settings for EDGE print objects based
upon fill type and object size
Easier And Faster Backcut Or Liner-Cut Decal Production
Plotter output “smart start” technology
Support for more friction-fed plotters
Double-byte Chinese Text Entry
Improved, easier barcode generation
More undo’s, and ability to undo after saving
Auto “Strokes for Chokes” button
Choke/Spread top color designation
Automatic message when overprint and normal heat settings
are applied to the same color
Ability to add a PDF wrapper to JPG exports
Automatic mapping of imported EPS/PDF and AI colors to
GERBER EDGE spot colors
Better integration of Foil Adjust program (formerly called RegFixer)
ReAction capability automatically applies edits and maintains colors for a series of operations
Image menu offers automatic image adjustments and special effects
Convert to Image converts vectors into images to create soft shadows and other special effects
1D and 2D Barcode capability allows for creation of variable data and sequential numbering
Improved Choke/Spread function makes EDGE color registration easier and more reliable
Medial Axis generates vector center lines to create bevels and other dimensional effects
New Perspective Shadow type
Interactive Outline
GSP Plot offers easier reuse of output settings and improved label and decal finishing
Zoom in and out with the mousewheel
Pan left and right with Shift + mousewheel
Pan up and down with mousewheel
Hold CTRL to make copies of on-screen move, rotate, size, flip, and slant operations. Shape Menu commands can also create copies
Size dialog box combines Absolute Size and Percent Size into one location
Template GCA Files include effects that can be modified and reused
Improved TEXT ENTRY color assignment and Retention
“Super Nudge” with arrow keys
AutoPlot data merge utility
32-bit programs offer fast operations with full-size layout capabilities and create files with virtually an unlimited number of shapes
Runs with Microsoft® Windows® 7 (64 and 32), Vista (32) and XP (32).
EDGE and EDGE 2 require adapter cable with 64 bit OS
3D Autocarve and Gerber Braille Interpreter require 32 bit OS
See Site Requirements
Standard Windows UI with movable, dockable tool bars,
multiple open jobs, most recently used file list.
Unbounded "virtual" work surface
Autosave and Check for Updates Function
Time tracking for job creation and editing
Multiple undo and redo with selectable number of levels
Design and output using layers
"Demo mode" operation
Measure mode with ability to save and print measurements
Dimensioning for customer proofs, installation drawing, permit apps
TWAIN Scanner & optional digitizing tablet support
Complete vector-based Bezier curve text, shape & polygon creation
Import/Export, and Cut/Paste popular vector and image desktop publishing formats and file types
Fine tune designs with simple yet powerful node and segment editing tools (Detail Editing)
Create vector-based shadows, distortions, outlines and other effects
Add and subtract vector shapes from each other with Shape effects
Fit Text to Path
Fast accurate vector offset outlining with multiple, variable spacing
Put vectors into envelopes with "WARP" and preset distortions
Enter and format text with high-quality, scalable vector fonts from Gerber and URW
Text entry/edit on the work surface or in dialog box
Font filtering by standard and user-assigned attributes or categories
Text "change case" commands
Font Converter instantly converts Truetype fonts into Gerber fonts
Font Manager helps keep track of Gerber fonts.
Font Designer enables the creation of custom vector fonts
Enter Truetype and Opentype fonts in native format and retain hinting information for output to the GERBER EDGE® printers
Color management for color consistency across all devices
Layout and cut vinyl signs using a full set of Gerber vinyl palettes, or create custom vinyl palettes
Gerber ColorID compares and matches colors between vinyl colors, GERBER EDGE spot colors, and even PANTONE® Colors
Import pictures (TIFF, BMP, JPG, GIF etc.)
Rotate and flip images in Composer
Embed Images or Link Images with PLT files
Turn black and white or color pictures into vector outlines
(raster-to-vector or color raster-to-vector)
Mask/Clip, rotate, flip, size, images in Composer
Mask/Clip images and vectors with other vector shapes using clipping paths
Output masked/clipped VECTORS to paper printers and vinyl cutters
Output masked/clipped IMAGES to paper printers
Output masked/clipped vectors and images to EDGE series printers
Flip Gradients with vector fills, crop images
Assign print and or cut properties to vector shapes
Automatically convert between process and spot color model
PANTONE Color simulations and GerberColor™ SpectraTone™ color fill support
Improved GerberTone™ STC Photo halftone for images
GerberTone halftones for any size EDGE or MAXX output
Create percentage tints, gradients, and "spot-to-spot" gradients for Gerber EDGE series output
Assign GerberColor single layer spot and CMYK process colors for extremely simple output to Gerber thermal transfer printers
Create thousands of spot colors with double-layer GerberColor Spectratone spot colors with the Gerber EDGE series
Create OMEGA-generated CMYK, GerberColor Spectratone, and EDGE series Spot Color simulations of solid PANTONE Colors
Compatible with GERBER EDGE series and GERBER MAXX 2
thermal transfer printers, and provides a seamless RIP and
Color Management System
Compatible with Gerber vinyl cutters, as well as popular vinyl cutters from other manufacturers
Generate Sabre router tool offset paths using included ART Path™ software now included with OMEGA. (More...)
Optional Auto-Carve™ 3D router software (More...)
Create and export targets for use with GerberCut option
Reverse, axis swap, repeat, and size output jobs in the GSPPlot program without affecting the saved original file
Render and output jobs in the GSPPlot output program while designing in the Composer Design Program
Output larger than the physical size of the output device with automatic panels
Preview output results before committing to materials using the SPLView Preflight Tool
Output designs to standard Windows printers for proofing and conceptual approvals
Thumbprint thumbnail job catalog print utility
Network output support for remote plotter and router output
Network output support for remote EDGE and MAXX output
Use OMEGA files in an inkjet workflow with export support for named Pantone, Spot and process colors, CMYK and RGB export, automatic CutContour spot color or layer export
**Applies to vinyl colors only for OMEGA CS
URW and Gerber fonts in vector format
Gerber Sign Library premade signs included
 FHWA highway fonts included for reverse contrast applications
 GERBER EDGE Font Pack, Gerber Highway Font Pack and Gerber Library
Clipart Pack included with OMEGA 6.0

These are the recommended minimums that are required for OMEGA to run properly. Additional hard disk spce and stronger processors (2x minimum or more) will improve performance, especially when working in data intensive operations or with large files.